The Vermont Association of Court Diversion Programs (VACDP) is the member association of Vermont’s 14 court diversion programs. VACDP is a non-profit (501c3) organization designed to promote community-based balanced and restorative justice through effective and creative program services.

VACDP’s member programs vary in scope and size; some are independent agencies focusing exclusively on Court Diversion and others operate as part of a larger ‘umbrella’ agency. For a list of member agencies click here.

The association has developed program standards for Court Diversion and the Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program and effectively monitors members’ adherence to those standards. Our reflective approach and respect for local decision making has been instrumental in building VACDP’s reputation as a highly functioning team of professionals. VACDP has a well-established record of success, and functions both to bring innovation into Court Diversion programs, the legal system and communities, as well as to bring together multiple partners at every level to make system-wide improvements.

The 14 county Diversion directors and the VACDP executive director meet monthly to examine best practices, share professional expertise and decide policy.