Mission & Guiding Principles


The mission of Vermont court diversion programs is to engage community members in responding to the needs of crime victims, the community, and those who violated the law, holding the latter accountable in a manner that promotes responsible behavior

Guiding Principles

Programs and staff…

  1. Ensure that the applicant acknowledges responsibility for violating the law.
  2. Focus on the harm experienced by the victim, the person who violated the law, and the community.
  3. Show respect and empathy for all parties.
  4. Ensure opportunities for victims to have a voice.
  5. Provide opportunities for the person who violated the law to repair the harm and to learn how to address the underlying causes for the violation, empowering him/her to make more positive life choices.
  6. Actively involve the community in the response to the harm experienced by all parties.
  7. Develop contract obligations that relate to repairing the harm, are achievable, and, where appropriate, address the underlying causes for the behavior.
  8. Ensure by the end of the process, that the person who violated the law has had the opportunity to develop an understanding of how his/her actions affected others.