Benefits of TASP

Vermont’s Teen Alcohol Safety Program (TASP) is designed as a way to hold young people accountable for breaking the law against underage drinking, to educate them about the consequences and risk of alcohol, and to identify youth with potential substance abuse problems so they might receive treatment.

Benefits for youth include:

  • Opportunity to learn about the consequences of drinking alcohol
  • Connection to treatment for substance abuse if needed
  • Avoiding the penalties of fine and driver’s license suspension

Benefits for parents include:

  • Help in delivering the message about the risks of drinking alcohol
  • Information and support on topic of underage drinking and substance abuse

Benefits for the community include:

  • Cost-effective way to hold youth accountable without criminalizing their behavior
  • Early identification and treatment of substance abuse promotes public safety and community health
Fiscal Year 2012 TASP
Number of people referred by law enforcement 2,799
Percentage of people who completed the program successfully 81%
Hours of community service completed by participants 7,587