Information for TASP Participants about Records

Please note the difference between Diversion and the Teen Alcohol Safety Program (TASP). TASP is operated by Court Diversion agencies in Vermont, but it is not the same as the Court Diversion program. Some people think they have participated in Diversion when they have not. For information about criminal records for Diversion participants, visit this page.


Individuals aged 16-20 who receive a Notice of Violation for consuming or possessing alcohol from a law enforcement officer are listed in the Teen Alcohol Safety Program (TASP) Database, maintained by the Vermont Attorney General’s Office, until they reach age 21. Entries are maintained for people who participated in TASP, successfully or not, as well as people who declined to participate in TASP. Only law enforcement officers and Court Diversion staff have access to this information.

It is possible that a law enforcement agency may have information in its files regarding your violation of Vermont’s underage drinking laws. In addition, some information, such as articles in the newspaper and posted on the Web, may exist even after information is removed from the TASP Database.

Guidance Answering Questions – TASP

Here is some guidance about how, after you have participated in the Teen Alcohol Safety Program Court Diversion, to answer questions from employers, military recruiters, college admissions staff, and others.

Do you have a criminal record?
No. If you completed TASP successfully, you do not have a criminal record. Even if you failed TASP or chose not to participate in TASP and received a $300 fine and license suspension for underage drinking from the Judicial Bureau, you do not have a criminal record. This violation of the law was a civil not a criminal matter, similar to a traffic ticket.

The state Judicial Bureau maintains information on civil adjudications or judgments, and VCIC does not maintain information on adjudications from the Judicial Bureau.

How do I prove to someone that I completed the program successfully?
It is recommended that you keep the letter you received from the Teen Alcohol Safety Program stating you successfully completed TASP. You may not be able to obtain a copy in the future because programs do not keep records for a long period of time. Court Diversion programs destroy records of all TASP participants three years after the participant has reached age 21.